Wills and Successions

Wills and Successions


If you die in Louisiana without a will, the state will decide who inherits your assets and property. However, your last will and testament must meet certain form requirements and be made within the confines of the law. Mr. Champagne has the knowledge, experience, and ability to be sure that your final wishes are recognized. Additionally, other documents are sometimes essential to accomplish your desires. Living wills and Power of Attorney grants will be explained thoroughly at your consultation.


Succession is the transmission of the estate of the deceased to his successors. The successors thus have the right to take possession of the estate of the deceased after complying with applicable provisions of law. The estate of a deceased means the property, rights, and obligations that a person leaves after his death, whether the property exceeds the charges or the charges exceed the property, or whether he has only left charges without any property. The estate includes not only the rights and obligations of the deceased as they exist at the time of death, but all that has accrued thereto since death, and the new charges to which it becomes subject.
There are two kinds of succession: testate and intestate. Testate succession results from the will of the deceased contained in a testament executed in a form prescribed by law. Intestate succession results from provisions of law in favor of certain persons, in default of testate successors. In the absence of a valid testamentary disposition, the undisposed property of the deceased devolves by operation of law in favor of his descendants, ascendants, and collaterals, by blood or by adoption, and in favor of his spouse not judicially separated from him.

There is no easy succession. Let Mr. Champagne get all of this is order for you properly.


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